Teams and Decontamination Booths

Teams and Decontamination Booths

With more than 15,000m2 of asbestos removed in 2020, Ferlin specializes mainly in the removal of existing fiber cement roofing tiles in various fields: public buildings, schools, markets, private or residential housing, commercial facilities with old roofing.

Ferlin's intervention consists, in the majority of the works, in the treatment of the whole process from the request for authorization in the ACT, to the sending of the roof tiles to an authorized landfill site. This entire process is followed by a security technician from the order to the loading of the truck for landfill.

After this phase is finished, we proceed in most cases to the cleaning of the existing structure and eventual painting of it, and in the end we apply a new covering for example in a sandwich panel or at the client's choice.

Both our cabins and everyone involved in this process are certified by ACT and we work together with AEPRA (Association of Portuguese Asbestos Removal Companies)

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